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After Earth: a Titan A.E. Fan Community
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A unofficial fan community for the film Titan A.E.
Welcome to afterearth, a community for fans of the animated movie Titan A.E. (After Earth)! I know this community is about... four years late, but hey. All fans are welcome to discuss the film or what-not here, don't be shy! =)

Some simple rules first:
1. Absolutely NO FLAMING! Criticism is alright as long as it's constructive. Blatant flaming like "suchandsuch or soandso SUCKS" or something along that lines will not be tolerated.
2. Images and extensive text should be put behind livejournal cut tags, please.
3. Advertising and requests are alright as long as they're related to the subject, Titan AE.

Feel free to discuss anything as long as it's related to the film. There are a lot of good topics, including some of the various species from the film, fanfiction and fanart, merchandise (for instance the comic series), the animation in the film, your experiences with the film, related films, etc.

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