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01 June 2011 @ 01:51 am
I come bearing gifts of strange ficcage  
Hello, anyone who still might be here. :3 Can't tell you how glad I am to find a semi-active comm, even if it's been a bit since the last updates. I don't care, there's still hope, and I love to see it. I've been extremely impressed with the caliber of writing I've seen so far around here... and feel like sharing some of my own.

It's rather odd. Probably because my strange, tainted love belongs to Korso and Preed more than anyone who, I don't know, we're SUPPOSED to like. (Except for Stith. She's my screaming amazon goddess of geekdom, and her action-figure protects my laptop from evil vibes.)  

One thing I've always really wondered about was how in the world they all came together, this bizarre mix of people, and where they were before it all. And specifically... how the hell did Preed get that metal plate in his head? What happened, and why? How'd he get through it - alone, or was someone there? Was he different before that, or the same old creep we know and love/loathe? I'm a psychology minor, and the concept of personality changes from head injuries, well... many a plotbunny was born. 

So here; if you feel like some dark humor, twisted speculation, and Dysfunction Junction, enjoy. 

www.fanfiction.net/s/6926703/1/Metalhead - I'll also post the (very short) first chapter under the cut. It's unfinished as of now (5 chapters of varying length), but I do plan on finishing. Soon. Any sort of feedback or thoughts would be wonderful.

Title: Metalhead
Spoilers: Takes place between the destruction of Earth, and the pickup of the main narrative, so. Nope. Just exploring the backstory of two fascinating, under-loved characters.
Pairings: Ambiguous shades of Korso/Preed. Nothing explicit, I won't give you nightmares here.
Rating: PG-13 for violence, FREQUENT swearing, dysfunction, mental up-screwedness, and sleaze.
Warnings: I'm a crazy person. Just putting that out there.

... I'm so glad to see you all. <3 Hi. I'm Sylver. Now enjoy.

"If you die on me, I will kill you." Korso growled through clenched teeth, shoving slow-moving people out of the way.

The place was jammed tight with human traffic, a sweating, crowded cattle pen of a marketplace, piled high with scrap metal and dead ship parts that passed for a street and buildings, a city, a home. All packed full of humans, milling colors and voices, a traffic jam at rush hour, a hill of ants – and Korso just couldn't force his way through.

Not with the bleeding Akrennian in his arms.

He could feel the blood soaking into his shirt already – first thing after this was over, Preed was paying for his dry-cleaning.

"Is there a fucking doctor on this floating hunk of space shit?"

Several eyes turned to stare at him – then he could practically feel them narrow. He glared right back, gritting his teeth against the silence.

Humans. So used to scrambling to stay alive and clinging to the edges, they could give as good as they got.

Korso let out a snarl of frustration and clamped his hand down over Preed's forehead just a little more firmly, trying not to imagine that he was actually holding pieces of his skull together. Even if he was.

"Well?" he snapped – then noticed several people nervously eying one man in a coat that probably used to be white. He was looking pointedly not making eye contact with anyone, trying to slip away into the crowd.

"Hey!" Korso shouted in his best drill-sergeant bark, singling out the poor sap. "You! You got any medical training?" he glared at the man stammered but didn't say any actual words. "Speak up!"

"I – I only treat humans!"

Korso bared his teeth. "Wrong answer."

The man paled, realizing how it had sounded. "No – no, I didn't mean – it's just that Akrennians – their physiology is too different, I wouldn't know what I was-"

"Then who does?"

The man swallowed, had the conscience to look sheepish. "You might try the vet..."
YX: Rakisharikqah on June 4th, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
Firstly, thanks for the very nice comments on my previous post. And no, I didn't have any recurring motif. Like most people, I just feel I wanted to write a Titan A.E story & just got down to doing it.

I've seen some of your fics on FF.net and have reviewed one of them. But I haven't really started reading 'Metalhead' yet. I'll read what you've got so far & post the review on FF.net because that's where I saw it.

Glad to see that there's still people writing. Let's hope more come after us :)

And I'm not sure if you already noticed, but on FF.net I go by the nick of shelter.

If you already noticed by now,
Sylversylverlining on June 5th, 2011 02:10 am (UTC)
Oh! Yeah, you reviewed Lullaby, didn't you? :3 I really appreciate that, THANK YOU so much. It was lovely.